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Dear America

Enough with this right to bare arms bullshit. Get some fucking gun control, Jesus CHRIST


Yeah, and I was just watching the news and people have this ridiculous thesis that shootings only happen in places where guns are banned, so if we let everyone have guns, such shootings will be prevented. Its such a half-assed argument, seriously.

This whole thing has made me really upset. Also, I found out today that this guy I know has two friends from vtech that are missing, and the Indian prof who was killed...Loganathan, I think his name was... went to IIT Kanpur-- the same place my dad went to college. He graduated a year or two after my dad. My dad didn't personally know him or know of him, but he knows people who did. So scary.

Its also pissing me off when people are "jokingly" telling Koreans that they aren't going to be allowed into our school anymore. Its not funny at all.
You know, I think you said that better than anyone else on Livejournal. And half of those people on the news.


i'm a little late on commenting, but is the "bare" pun intended?

lol I wish :D. typo:)