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DUDE WTF IS UP WITH THE HAZE. Its like 1997 all over again. I can usually see the sea and ships and everything from my house, and I can't anymore.  Not cool.


yeah, i know. today i was like blind in schl, i cldnt see a thing.

its pretty cool, though. smog is so cool. at least its better than the normally HORRIBLE weather
heh heh haze. theres lots of it here too. especially in the morning when i wait (or rather run for) the bus. i don't remembe you could see ships and the sea from your house aiyah! yet ive looked over that balcony tons of times and smelled those flowers your mom grows there. =)


lol yea it sucks.
i was walking home today and the moon was friggin pink. but yellow-orange pink. like hazy and shit. grah.

everything is so blurred. what crack are they burning anyway?